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Among the Nuia is a book written by scholar Agathain Montero as a treatise of the varied Nuian people of Solia.


Most would call the Nuia kind, graceful, benevolent. As a whole, they are a giving, generous people. But make no mistake, dear reader: Nuia are also cunning, ruthless, and efficient. You hold now an observer's look into a world older than our own history, a world of magic, of nature, of intrigue, and murder.

Nuia are not so different from us, you see. They have passions, prejudices, strengths, and weaknesses. Most important to realize is that Nuians are as individuals as varied as the many sons and daughters of the First Tribe.

In my time among them, a humble seventy-three years, I have seen but a fraction of their world. I have gazed in awe at the towering trees of Nuaira, craned my neck to trace the crystal spires of Delikii, and rode the currents beneath the great Western Sea. I have known the love of an Nuia maid, and yet seen her remain a maiden even as my body stoops to kneel before time. Theirs is a life measured in centuries, and that gives the most insight. At least, such is my hope.

Those who think such a long lifespan would give no impetus to act rashly or swiftly would do well to banish the thought from their mind. As I have written, the Nuia are a passionate people; they are quick to bring themselves to action, to ride to war or to sing for peace, should the right string be plucked. The elders, as I have come to learn, are more apt to consider the course of actions ahead of committing to them, but even they can be swayed by their emotions.