Ardus Fingo
Basic Information
Home The Rampant Griffon Inn
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 25
Known language(s) Common, Elven,
Dwarven, Goblin
Rules Information
Class Aristocrat 7
Alignment Chaotic good

Ardus Fingo is the fifth-generation human owner of the Rampant Griffon Inn, in western Ameo


Ardus Fingo is a tall, slender man of mid-twenties. He has curly blonde hair and radiant blue eyes. He speaks with a warm voice.


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Ardus Fingo is a jovial, warm man of priveledge. He is often seen circulating the common room of the Rampant Griffon Inn and talking with patrons, many of whom he knows by name. 

Ardus is quick with a smile and a joke, treats his staff as well as his customers, and rarely shows displeasure. Those who know him say that even in dealing with difficult customers, he is polite and soft-spoken, though efficient.