The Baden River (in red)

The Baden River is a wide, slow river flowing into the Sky River in the southern end of the Baden valley. For most of its course it flows northeast, parallel to the coast.

Course Edit

The river originates on the western flank of the South Hills. It runs north, parallel to the South Hill Road until it passes the bluffs at Baden Hall, then turns a lazy east-northeast path until it spills into the Sky River north of Alero.

History Edit

Several tribes of orcs inhabited the length of the river, known collectively as the Bah'deen. These orcs traded with other tribes and with settlers in the area, dealing in furs, grains, fish, and meats. The duchy takes its name from an adapted version of these tribes' name.

Over time, the river was widened by the settlers, who used its water to power their mills and to ferry goods downriver to the Emerald Sea. Its draft was deep enough for schooners to sail to what is now Baden Hall. Over time, the river has lost its depth; only flat-bottom barges and shallow-draft canoes are able to traverse its waters now.