Cormorant stalking his prey.

Cormorant was a male human bloodhound that tormented members of the Council of Seven .


"They began to search through every room
Hoping they would find him soon
By keenest eye his game undone
Our heros found the evil one

'Neath steely gaze the rat was pinned
Before those eyes the devil'd sinned
Arcane word tongue deftly twisted
Sluggish mind could not resist it.

Those most tortured bore righteous wrath
As hammered blade cut swiftest path
Late mind resolved his self defend
Still juctice ruled his life to end"

- from "Flight of the Cormorant" by D. Soteri

Cormorant met his end at Mae Sedd y Cygnor , the island fortress ruled by the Council of Seven. He had laid in wait, setting many traps for the returning party, during which time he had also tortured and abused both Torryn and Disa. When the remaining Council and their reinforcements arrived, he struck from the shadows. He was quickly dominated by Sarius Aslam and tied. While Ghostkin and the others began questioning him, Disa and Calebeth struck, killing him before he could escape.