Map Dunmaerik

A map of Dunmaerik's regions and neighboring countries.

Dunmaerik is a nearly land-locked country in the center of the Known Lands. It is bordered on the West by Fieren, on the Northeast by Nuaira, on the East by Venidon, and on the Southeast by Falcrest. The territory now forming Dunmaerik is much smaller than historical boundaries as a result of the country losing the Emerald War.


Dunmaerik is a mountainous country, with plains in the central and southern regions. The nation has a continental climate with harsh winters in the northwestern highlands and hot summers in the southern plains.

The nation's resources include various types of stone, precious metals such as gold, silver, and iron in the central region of Fanfarat, precious and semi-precious stones, including emeralds, azure, and lapis lazuli, in the central plains. The country also has rare coal deposits, the largest of which is found in Mount Taraha, on the southern edge of the Korakirin Mountains.


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Dunmaerik is divided into eight provinces. These provinces are claimed by various lords and ruled independantly of the others with no central government, with the exception of Haladra, which is loosely ruled by a tribal council. Each province is divided into city-states, each ruled by warlords of varying power and influence. Each warlord answers to their province's ruler and maintains the military force for their local region.



Dunmaerik is an impoverished country, reeling from its defeat and lack of central government. Local warlords hold resources and limit trade, while provincial lords levy severe taxes upon their subjects to fill their coffers. The average citizen earns less than one silver per month, and most maintain small farms in addition to any marketable trade skills they may possess.

Transport and CommunicationsEdit

There are few roads in Dunmaerik, and those that exist have never been repaired following the war. Travel is either horse-based or on foot, and as such communication is quite rare between cities or provinces. Most cities are one to two days apart (by horse).