• Players are not permitted to bring the game to a halt while they consult reference books to argue the DM's ruling. If a player has a disagreement, (s)he has one minute to locate the relevant reference and challenge the discrepancy. In any case, the DM's ruling is final[1]
  • Phone calls are discouraged, unless in case of an emergency. Barring an emergency, game play will resume within one minute, with or without the player on the phone.
  • No politics or religion. Respect other players' beliefs by not sharing, please.
  • Before the game” refers to at least 12 hours before the game session is scheduled to begin. This allows the DM time to read and print out everything necessary for the session.
  • Players may use only one character per session, except in extreme circumstances. If a character is being voluntarily retired, (s)he immediately becomes a permanent NPC[2].
  • Encumbrance is not used, but do not go to absurd extremes.
  • Common consumables (rations, bolts/arrows/stones) are not tracked, except in unusual cases (all equipment is stolen, etc). Specialty / magic consumables (alchemy included) are tracked.
  • Rule Change: Critical Hits - Adventurers are a step above the common individual. As such, they are capable of significant damage in combat. Critical hits are modified as follows:
    • Attack Rolls within the threat range are automatically confirmed. There is no need for a confirmation roll.
    • Damage Formula: (Damage Dice + Damage Modifiers) x Critical Damage Multiplier. Sneak Attack dice are considered as Damage Modifiers before multipliers are assigned. However, Strength damage modifiers are not counted toward the critical multiplier and are instead added afterward.

Notes Edit

  1. The player may appeal the ruling after the session has concluded. The DM may or may not reverse the ruling based on evidence.
  2. Excepting “retired” adventures, in which characters are brought out of retirement to complete the mission. The other exception is playing the character of an absent player, with GM approval.