Kethenica's Gambit was an elven military operation that ended the Haphrises War of 325 A.E. - 340 A.E.. It resulted in the absolute destruction and desecration of the nation of Venidon and sparked the beginning of the Elven Isolationist period.


In the summer of 340 A.E., the main forces of the Grand Army of the Elven Nation engaged the Ezirandi Army at the city of Jairi, Venidon. Thousands of soldiers clashed, with support from archers and magic on both sides. The battle lasted five days, raging from sunrise to sunset with occasional nighttime skirmishes and raids by both forces.

By the end of the fifth day, it was apparent that the Ezirandi would triumph, despite significant losses. Unable to retreat, the Elven army fought on against overwhelming odds.

At sunset on the fifth day a small group of elven wizards, led by a young elf named Kethenica broke from the army, using his magic to fly over the battle to a nearby earth node. Pursued by Ezirandi mages, Kethenica began to tap into the earth node's power using techniques kept secret to the Haphrises during the previous centuries. As the other elves worked to protect him, Kethenica stood in the center of the node's power and cast what would become his final spell.

Overloaded with pure magical power, the earth node erupted. Ezirandi scholars as far south as Thalmi could observe the discharge of energy in the sky. The energy, known later as Heartfire raced through the ley lines, cascading outward for hundreds of miles in each direction, instantly turning anything in its path to ash.

Wizards of both races, man and elf alike, raced to erect magical barriers to stop the Heartfire before it spread to their respective kindgoms. These barriers succeeded and now form the northern and southern boundaries of Venidon.