Malachi en'Eveil was a Euanör man of indeterminate age. Once an adventurer, he became the Duke of Baden after a successful reclamation of Baden Hall. During his reign, Baden became an economic powerhouse and established a political presence throughout Omath. He died at the hands of an assassin[1].


Malachi had close-cropped, stark white hair, deep bluish-black skin, and fiery red eyes, typical of most subterranean Euanör.


Malachi was born and raised in central Fieren, the only child of Ramai and Maeralya en'Eveil. As a half-Nuian, he was shunned by his peers and quickly took up a life of adventuring, trying to hide his mixed heritage.

He showed talent in both martial combat and spellcasting, and blended the two in a style of combat reminiscent of the ancient elven art of bladesinging, despite lacking any formal education in the style.

Shortly after his nineteenth birthday, he came into possession of a cursed amulet that transformed him into an Euanör. Retaining his memories and personality, he found great challenge in simply remaining alive.

After his transformation, he refined his sword/magic style further, wielding chain sickles, exotic weapons unseen in Omath. Through the metal chain and blade, he would channel his magic, turning into an efficient, whirling sphere of death[2].

While clearing the ruins of Baden Hall of orcs and kobolds, he came into possession of the deed for the castle and its lands. He claimed them for himself, named his companions as his advisers, and set about restoring the lands.


Malachi was bold, boisterous, and good-humored. He was as ready with a laugh and barb as he was with a spell or a blade, and stories were often told of the good-natured ribbing he and his Golenti companion often had for hours.

There are rumors of his fondness for the varied women who called upon his court, though he did maintain a favored courtesan, who gave him daughters before her death.


Malachi's favored courtesan was Aucien Kytsell, a ranger from the Northwood. She provided him with twin daughters, Olorae and Analosi, but died in childbirth.


  1. See: Return to Baden Hall Adventure
  2. As it would happen, he would strike his companions almost as often as his enemies