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Western Map

Initial sketch of the western hemisphere of Solia.


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The Known Lands is the colloquial name for the continent of Omath. Located north of the planet's equator, the Known lands are mostly a temperate climate, though the southern coast is sub-tropical and the northern coast is sub-arctic. The continent is heavily forested, though the Interior is made up of vast plains. Several mountain ranges span the continent, mostly running north-south.

There are seven nations on the continent:

  • Ameo - A small, soverign island nation on the central western coast of Omath.
  • Fieren - Largest, least-populated nation on Omath. Located on the western third of Omath, ruled under hegemony by Falcrest.
  • Dunmaerik - Arid, rocky nation in central Omath.
  • Nuaira - The Elven Kingdom, in the northeastern reachest of the Omath.
  • Venidon - A desolate wasteland on the central eastern coast of Omath.
  • Falcrest - The wealthiest and most dominant nation on the continent. Hegemon of Fieren. It occupies the eastern south coast of the Omath.
  • Ezir - A mysterious desert nation with protected mountainous borders on the southeast edge of Omath

Other lands exist outside the Known Lands, such as the Frontier Islands and the Island Kingdoms. These lands are documented elsewhere.

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