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The history of Solia is written in blood and magic, extending through epochs and ages for millennia. Written history in Solia is a fairly young concept, pioneered by the First Elves in the year 0.

Known Reckoning (KR) begins in year 0, with the arrival of the First Elves. That small group which was carried through the planes to the world of Solia began to document their explorations, marking the first day of their arrival by the full moon and basing their calendar by the cycles of the moons and the passing of seasons. 

In truth, Solia is much older than Known Reckoning accounts for. The Progenitors took many centuries creating the world, shaping the continents and spreading the flora and fauna across the land.


The history of Solia is divided into epochs, each known to scholars and diviners by distinct names.

The Creation EpochEdit

Timeline: -5000 KR to -3000 KR

The Blooming EpochEdit

Timeline: -3000 KR to -1000 KR

The Rested EpochEdit

Timeline: -1000 KR to 0 KR

The Nuairan EpochEdit

Timeline: 0 KR to 1593 KR


The Nuairan Epoch, also known as the Modern Epoch, is divided into several ages. The beginning of each age is marked by world-affecting events, such as cataclysm, war, or progressive revolution.

The New AgeEdit

Timeline: 0 KR to 455 KR

The Nuairan AgeEdit

Timeline: 456 KR to 755 KR

The Embracing AgeEdit

Timeline: 755 KR to 1004 KR

The Haphrises AgeEdit

Timeline: 1005 KR to 1020 KR

The Ezirandi AgeEdit

Timeline: 1020 KR to 1236 KR

The Age of ExpansionEdit

Timeline: 1236 KR to 1493 KR

The Age of EnlightenmentEdit

Timeline: 1493 KR to 1593 KR