The Progenitors are the creators of the world, mystic beings shrouded in myth and legend. According to the multitude of scholars who have written about them, there are few traits in common. Of those few, however, is the form the Progenitors have taken, regardless of the culture in which the tales originate.

The Progenitors take on the form of the elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.

The Progenitors do not have any maintained churches or religions, though there are some few worshipers throughout the world who report their prayers being answered.


Oenomaus Symbol

Oenomaus is known as the Progenitor of Fire. He appears as a tall, wispy man of indeterminate age. He appears both young and old at once, time shifting on his features in flickers of light. He is generally light-haired, ranging from platinum blonde to auburn, and has always been reported to have orange eyes, flecked with red.

He is always seen in robes or cloth rainment featuring the colors of his element - darker reds at his feet, the colors brighten to whites and yellows at his shoulders. 

He is known to be brash, quick to anger, and capable of both physical and emotional destruction.