Westport is a medium-sized harbor city on the western coast of Ameo. It is located one and one-half day's ride south of Sinclair and one-half day's ride north of the Rampant Griffon Inn. Despite its smaller size, the city was once the major trade hub on its coast in Ameo, in thanks to its deep, open harbor and access to the Emerald Way. Now, however, it has fallen into the shadow of its northern neighbor, Sinclair.

However, because of its strategic location, Westport has a strong watch presence, as well as a large detachment of the Fieren Royal Army, as well as acting as a frequent port of call for the Fieren Royal Navy. This presence keeps the city (mostly) safe.


Map Westport

A map of Westport


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Westport was settled in 1394 KR by the Emerald Coast Expeditionary Company, an adventuring party operating on a ducal charter and deeded lamd by then Duke of Ameo Alois Gottstein. The Company established their stronghold on the warerfront at first, but later demolished it and relocated to what is present day Vista Hill.

Once their stronghold and storehouse was secure on the hill, the Company set about sounding the bay and then built a mill near the water, so as to export the region's lumber for trade with other coastal cities. Operated by Hermann Thiel, the Company's steward, the mill proved to be exceptionally efficient.


In the five years following the settlement of the town, the population grew from the initial ten Company members to sixty laborers, farmers, and loggers. As the town proved more successful, the population continued to grow, with merchants and other businessmen settling in. The town erected its first permanent temple, to (name) in 1403 KR.

First StreetEdit

With the boom in population, a seedier element began to grow in the shadow of Vista Hill, along a narrow road known as First Street. There, taverns and game houses sprang up almost overnight, while bordellos followed soon after, all offering the men of the company town a way to relax, to unwind, and most importantly, to spend their hard-earned gold.

The Golden YearsEdit

With the onset of the Emerald War, Westport found itself on the brink of a massive windfall. Having completed construction on a shipyard just two months before the war broke out, the Company was at the forefront of naval production, turning out an astounding four ships per month by the mid-point of the war. Money flowed into Westport with abandon, and the Company ensured its people were well paid and loyal.

Fall from GraceEdit

Just as soon as the town found its fortune, however, the fortune was lost. A rival shipyard in Sinclair had found cheaper methods of construction, and the naval work followed[1].


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  1. Knowledge: Local(15): Some say the Dunmaerik Navy lost the war because the Sinclair ships were not only cheaper, but also weaker.