The Wyrmwood

The Wyrmwood is a large, dense forest on the northern edge of Aiecore. It is bordered on the north by Dunmaerik and covers roughly one-hundred miles of rolling hills.


The Wyrmwood is an old-growth forest, primarily composed of coniferous flora like redwood, fir, spruce, and pine. Beneath the trees grows a thick, lush layer of undergrowth of ferns, berries, vines, and sorrel. Moss covers most every unoccupied surface or fallen log.


The Wyrmwood is home to many standard species of forest-dwelling animals and birds, and is rumored to be the home of a massive green dragon named Thesloranalatriylx. Those who have attempted to discern the truth of this rumor have never been heard from again.


The Wyrmwood houses a Druidic Circle, known simply as the Seven. The Seven are nameless, ancient druids who watch over the forest and protect it from the encroachment of the world. Unlike many other Circles, the Seven actively maintain the forest's boundaries, using their powers to push the grasslands back and hold the treeline to its border. For this reason, the edges of the forest have not changed for over three-hundred years.

Wyrmwood BW
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